About Atlantis Garden & Wellness Spa

 Atlantis Garden and Wellness Spa offers a wide variety of natural services to enhance your overall health and beauty. 

Our facials, massages, ear candling, yoni steams and body scrubs are performed with all-natural products. 


We also offer an awesome weight loss program designed by our trainer which includes our CBD detox tea. The program comes with a workout plan and meal suggestions.

Along with the weight loss program, we perform non-invasive laser lipo, lipo cavitation, skin tightening, cellulite treatment, and butt lift therapy. These services are pain-free and no downtime which means you can return to work the same day.

Our most popular services are ear candling and yoni steams. They are a BIG DEAL and most don’t understand how important these two services are.

Along with our services we offer yoga and meditation twice a week. We also prepare fresh-squeezed juices for our clients daily with fruits and veggies from local farmers who produce without chemicals.

Your body is your Garden and you should take great care of it.  

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 6:00 pm



11:00 - 5:00 pm


Call us (470) 456-3233

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Atlantis Garden and Wellness Spa

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